Our Story

After 10 years in the field, from grassroots firms to not-for-profits organizations to property management firms, Tomeka Tolson recognized the need for reliable, efficient and professional accounting and bookkeeping services. Entrepreneurs and small businesses need financial advisors that they can trust. So, Tomeka founded The Numb3r Agency, in 2015, to do just that – to equip clients with all the necessary tools to start, stabilize and grow their business. 

The Process

  1. We’re here to serve you so that means we need to understand your current processes and procedures. So we’ll be onsite to walk-through a normal day, in your shoes.
  2. If you’re not already cloud-based, we'll setup the software for you. And get your client portal up and running.
  3. We’ll help you transition into a paperless environment. Don’t worry, we’re all about security and efficiency. 
  4. It’s time to get to work! There’s reports to be ran, accounts to be reconciled and cash flow, to increase.