Numb3rs Glossary

Every so often, we'll make reference to terms that may confuse you. Don't fret! We'll make everything relevant.


accountant - the genius who's responsible for financial reporting, and sometimes, taxes.

accounts payable - related to who you owe for products of services purchased by your company.

accounts receivable - related to money due to you based on products sold or services performed.

automated clearing house (ACH) - the luxury of collecting or sending payments, electronically, within 2 to 3 days.

bookkeeper - the genius who's responsible for recording transactions, i.e., payments going out and cash coming in.

books - also known as the company's financial records.

cash flow - the impact of money flowing in and out of the business.



cloud - the flexibility of accessing financial information and software, whenever and wherever, securely.

credit -accounting entry related to money received.

debit - accounting entry related to a debt or money owed.